Your First Mud Run is the Homesite for the best race in the country for families and first timers. We have races in three states that are designed for first timers and families.

We are the best resource on the net for people new to mud runs and obstacle races. We have everything for the newbie like: articles from Race Directors, info on all races, equipment for race day, and a calendar for races from all companies in every state.


Click on locations at the top of the page to register for "Your First Mud Run" in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. 

Your First Mud Run Race may include any or all of the obstacles below:

  • "Mud Pit" (Stay low through the mud pit)
  • "Terrible Tires" (No wipe outs running through about 60 old car tires)
  • "Ultimate Wall Climb" (Hope you won't need help climbing over a 6' high wall)
  • "Tubes of Terror" (Don't get stuck crawling through muddy tubes)
  • "Death Hill" (Can you survive a 1/2 mile of uphill run at end of race)
  • "Brutal Balance Beams" (Don't lose your balance and wipeout after 2 grueling miles)
  • "Tire Carry" (Carry two tires on your shoulders around our "tire carry" course)
  • "Heavy Jump Rope" (You've never jumped rope like this) *New This Year!
  • "Paint / Color" (We add color to our mud run) * New This Year


* All finishers receive a medal

We are also family friendly with an event for kids, and we will be giving a portion of all profits to local charities. Click here to support our charities.


Article about our race in NJ Sports Fitness & Wellness

            On Saturday July 16th 2011 athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels took part in the very first prep race at Garret Mountain, West Paterson, New Jersey.  The Ultimate Run (now Your First Mud Run) was a two mile race that required you to scale a 6 foot wall, navigate through 50 old car tires, crawl through tubes and splash through a mud slide.  This idea of a prep race was introduced by Brad Vaccaro, owner and director of the Sports Conditioning Institute in Oakland, New Jersey.  If anyone was thinking about challenging themselves in some of the other extreme mud races like the "Tough Mudder", the Ultimate Run is a great prep race to see if you have what it takes.  The race had an uplifting family friendly environment that even had a Mini Mudders race for children 4-12 years old.  The Ultimate Run wants the entire family to be a part of this event.  Not only was the race beneficial for first time runners but it also raised almost $1,000 for two great charities, My Charity 4 Kids and Family Reach Foundation.

            Garret Mountain is a legendary cross country course and has been the site for hundreds of league, county and state championship races for over 50 years.  It's popular for its wide open start and brutal .5 mile hill at the end of the race.  The Ultimate Run was the first event of its kind to be run there.

 At 8:00 AM sharp the men's heat took off into the trails of Garret Mountain.  Ten minutes later the women's heat began.  All 111 participants in ages ranging from 14 years to 50 pushed themselves to their limits and all had a fun day!  The race was a challenge for some but everyone succeeded and made it to the finish line.   Andrew Nashed, 18 and Danny O'Keefe, 26 battled it out for first place in the men's heat.  A win for first place by three seconds was achieved by Andrew Nashed, 18, at 11:48 minutes.  In the women's heat, Kristen Sweeney, 23, came out victorious in 13:59 minutes.  All results of this and many other races can be found at

As the first prep race ever, the Ultimate Run was a successful event.  Everyone had a great time and it raised money for two great charities.  Brad Vaccaro and the Sports Conditioning Institute plan on creating more exciting mud races with more obstacles within the next year. For more info on this event please go to or call the Sports Conditioning Institute at 201 891 4115