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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Ready for Your First Mud Run

“EVERYONE who participates in one of our events must be a paid/registered participant of the race. Our pricing is the same for everyone, as we keep our prices at a nice low fee for all attendees. If you are a family, you must purchase a registration for each member of the family.”

Your First Mud Run for Kids and Family is the best mud run event in and around New Jersey and New York.

  • Can kids participate?

    mud run faqOur course is designed for the whole family. Kids AGES 6 AND UP can participate with their parents and kids under 13 must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian who is a paid participant of the race and runs the entire race with them.

    Your first mud run for kids is the best mud run around New JErsey and New York.

    Check out our family mud run schedule here!

    Everyone in the race must be a paid registrant. Kids must register the same as their parents.

  • What should I bring?

    – Registration confirmation
    – You can bring a signed copy of your waiver. We will also have waivers available at the race.
    – A change of clothes!
    – Water

  • How do I know my race time?

    – We will send out emails confirming your race time.
    – When you register please take note of which wave you are signing up for.

  • Where is the bib / t-shirt pickup?

    Your race info email will include specifics about where you can pick up your bib and t-shirt.

  • Are spectators allowed?

    Spectators are allowed on the grounds for free but are not allowed on the course at any time.

  • What is your weather policy?

    If weather is severe enough the event may be canceled as per event directors discretion.
    There are no refunds. Your registration can be used for another company event or the same event next year.

  • What is the difference between a family wave and an adult wave?

    – The family wave is designed for beginners and kids who are running with their parents. All children under 13 should be in a family wave.
    – The adult wave is designed for those who want to run competitively. Adult wave runners should be age 13 +.

  • What if I cannot complete an obstacle?

    If you can’t complete an obstacle you can simply skip it and move on with the race.

  • Do I need to sign an additional waiver for me and my kids?

    Yes, please click here to download the waiver and please print and fill out one for each adult and child competing.

  • Will the race be timed?

    We do not time our races. We just want everyone to have fun!

  • How does the pricing work?

    Pricing for all participants in both types of waves are the same. Every participant including kids must pay the same registration fee. We try to keep the price as one low price for everyone that includes all possible extra fees like bag check, parking and liability insurance. We have no hidden fees.
    Our base price is as follows:
    $43 until two months before the race
    $48 two months out
    $53 one month out
    $55 two weeks out

    $60 – Walk Up (day of event)
    We are the ONLY race where parking, insurance, and bag check are all included in the price.

    *Keep in mind you can always offset some of this cost by taking advantage of our discounts. When you checkout make sure to post on social media for $2 off. Also, we offer great discounts for groups of three or more, so let us know before you register and we can set you up with a discount code.

  • What is the Refund policy?

    There are no refunds for any reason whatsoever. We will however transfer your registration any of our other events that we host this year or next.

  • Will there be showers?

    No, but we will always provide rinse off stations.

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