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Team Building With A Mud Run Event

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Team building events for adults and kids are one of the most looked forward to social programs in any given team environment. There are many types of this group social events, including family mud runs, most of them being the highlight of the year.

Some fun activities and games in team building can gauge, test, and develop the necessary traits of an individual employee to become a team player. Trust, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills, cooperation, initiative, and flexibility are just some of the traits being developed in team building programs. Most programs minimize boring lectures and focus on fun games and activities that can entice more participants who are willing to learn about their co-workers than ideas on presentation slides.

Games are the most fun part in most team building events, given the fact that most workers just want to be sociable and be able to let their inner kids shine through. Usually, these games are being played first and then the actual purpose of each play is being discussed after the game. This can make learning about the team more dynamic and realistic.

The most common programs involve a few hours of discussion and presentation. The rest of the time, most participants of the event are grouped accordingly and have a friendly competition against other groups. This can be a good way to actually find out where a team might be good or bad at. It is unusual for most

There have been claimed better work performance and production for those corporations who have allotted resources to develop their human resource. Other benefits that stem out of the human resource development programs – like team building events – are discussed below.

Have become a source of a morale booster for most departments in a company. Knowing that you have your co-worker support in the workplace can increase confidence and cooperation. This can ease the rough patches of inter-departmental communications.

Acknowledge employee worth and potentials. Holding a team building event can greatly empower an individual that he is important to the company he is working with because he is being developed with the programs. An employee then develops a sense of initiative and improves his work performance as he holds himself having a role in the overall success of the company.

Enhances team production and performance inevitably. A group of individuals cannot be effective in the workplace without proper communication and teamwork – traits that are constantly being placed in the program.

Harbor mutual respect for individuality. As most programs involve all departments, each department will have a chance of seeing eye to eye and get an opportunity to find out about their other coworkers that are not in their immediate area. This can develop respect for individuality and realize interdependence on each other.

A family mud run or even a family obstacle course race can improve communication between team members as well as create some great memories to build on for future success.

author: J D

Charles Kleinberg
Charles Kleinberg
18:41 30 Sep 19
1. Having only one pit for mud was extremely disappointing. It’s a mud run not a 2 mi jog 2. In the one mud pit, hosing us down was annoying. 3. More activity less calesthenics. There should be others to add It’s a great idea and like it. But for $45, I’m feeling like it’s not enoughread more
David Moreno
David Moreno
19:23 05 Dec 18
It was my first mud run and I enjoyed it. It was challenging and I highly recommend it.
Nancy Morrell
Nancy Morrell
19:39 04 Dec 18
Great fun as a family! Plus entrance to the waterpark! Made for a great weekend..cant wait for the next one!!
Ashlee Pike
Ashlee Pike
19:12 29 Nov 18
This event couldn't be better! Took my 12yr old cousin and we had a blast! The obstacles are fun for kids and adults alike. The staff were friendly and encouraging as well. I'm definitely doing this again, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who's ever wanted to try a mud run:)read more
Jorgen Cardona
Jorgen Cardona
20:51 28 Nov 18
The experience was a blast, love it. but i think the weather did nit cooparate that day. It was very cold and windy and nit sunny, even though the sun came out a little bit. At the end they should have had a place with heaters on. Everything else was very well organize. Will do it again hopefully.read more
Lizzette Del Valle
Lizzette Del Valle
18:53 28 Nov 18
I had a great experience and enjoyed myself so much. Considering that was my first Mud Run I was apprehensive at first, but so glad I went thru with it. We will definitely be there again next year.read more
Dawn Fields
Dawn Fields
20:12 21 Dec 17
AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! We had a FABULOUS time at Your First Mud Run. It was really my first mud run. The obstacles were fun and exciting. The company I worked for brought Your First Mud Run to our office as a charitable fundraiser. Everyone had an exciting and marvelous time. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are an organization looking for a fun event for your employees and want to raise money for a charity at the same time, contact them. The staff was friendly and a pleasure to work with. It was the easiest event we ever planned for the company because they handle everything. All we did was showed up and had a GRAND TIME. I highly recommend it to everyone.read more
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