YourFirstMudRun - Events

Our course is designed for the whole family.

Kids AGES 6 AND UP can participate with their parents and kids under 13 must be accompanied by a legal Parent or Guardian WHO IS A PAID PARTICIPANT OF THE RACE AND RUNS THE ENTIRE RACE WITH THEM. Everyone in the race must be a paid registrant. Kids must register the same as the parents. Our mud run schedule is ready for 2017.

Your First Mud Run may include any or all of the obstacles below:

  • “Tubes of Terror” (Don’t get stuck crawling through tubes)

  • “Terrible Tubes” (No wipe outs running through about 60 inflatable tubes)

  • “Ultimate Wall Climb” (Hope you won’t need help climbing over a 6′ high wall)

  • “Mud Pit” (Stay low through the mud pit)

  • “Death Hill” (Can you survive a 1/2 mile of uphill run)

  • “Tire Carry” (Carry two tires on your shoulders around our “tire carry” course)

  • “Burpies and Pushups” (Hope you remember these from gym class)

  • “Bungee Crawl” (Stay low!)

  • “Heavy Jump Rope” (You’ve never jumped rope like this) 

  • “Mystery Obstacle New for 2016”

YourFirstMudRun - a MudRun for Everyone

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